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Sir, Please... Not In The Office Zineth

Sir, Please... Not In The Office


Published July 13th 2014
Kindle Edition
33 pages
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 About the Book 

ABOUT ZINETHA sixteen year old Filipino girl raised in several parts of Georgia, USA, Zineth has found comfort with writing that soon evolved into one of her favourite hobbies.Her first romance novel she ever read was in 5th grade: Fairest by Gail Carson Levine. Ever since then, romances have been incorporated in nearly all of her narratives. She wrote Sir, Not in Your Office, Please for an inkvite-user-created competition but found its population to surprisingly soar, writing the ending based on majority votes from feedback of others.After Natalies ex-fiancé left her broken-hearted without a word, she became determined to forget about him and focus on her dream as a secretary to one of the bosses of the Douglas Industries. Soon enough, Natalie was promoted as the personal secretary of the incredibly sensual, Scott Douglas, the son of the CEO. Arrogant, annoying, notorious, narcissistic—Natalie absolutely despised him, but she swallowed all of her complaints and inevitably broke the record of three weeks of working under him. Just before she could celebrate with her best friend Claire, one of Scotts affairs caught him with Natalie and acccused them of dating. Scott acted on impulse and swung Natalie into a kiss as to answer the womans question. As the last moment of interruption, Scotts grandmother walked into the office in the middle of the kiss and asked Scott to bring Natalie to dinner as his fiancée.The plan seemed easy enough: Pretend to be his fiancée until Scott becomes the CEO. Rules? Dont fall in love with her boss.Sadly, Natalies first kiss with Scott left them both under a trance, making his advances on her much more enticing every time—whether it was in the bathroom of his grandparents house, the elevator of his office, or in Natalies townhouse, the magnitude between them continued to get stronger.Dating him wouldve been great if it werent for the fact that Scott was the brother of her ex-fiancé, Caden Douglas, who declared his continued love for Natalie.After going through the emotional downside of his return, Natalie began uncovering the truth to her past with him as he explained that Scott asked him to make the decision of breaking up the engagement and returning to the business education in a different country or crush Natalies dream of becoming a secretary to the Douglas Industries. Also, Caden told Natalie in the past that his family was dead, but only metaphorically whereas Natalie took it literally.Natalie, refusing to believe the explanation completely, asked for Scotts truth, which explained that their father overworked Caden in the past, causing Caden to rebel and run away, explaining as to why he considered his family dead. In order to help Caden return to the family, Scott forced the deal onto Caden, which he thankfully accepted due to the fact that Caden had been secretly dating Scotts real, current fiancée, Sarah, at the same time that he was engaged to Natalie. As Scott and Natalie made it to the floor of the lobby, Sarah attacked her out of jealousy, but Natalie could do absolutely nothing to the sister of her best friends—Claires—boyfriend.Natalie, deciding that everything was much too overwhelming, ran to Central Park to sob alone until a woman named Valerie sweetly lectured her about what it means to be human. Natalie then returned to her townhouse to find Scott waiting for hours for her return.Scott explained that he broke up the engagement with Sarah immediately after he met Natalie because of his love-at-first-sight feeling with her, which he childishly expressed at the office.