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The Best from Galaxy, Volume 3 Jim Baen

The Best from Galaxy, Volume 3

Jim Baen

Published 1975
219 pages
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 About the Book 

Come away, for a while, to the future.Find out what happens when . . . the entire world is in the care of a single machine--and it breaks down . . . when a task-force of extraterrestrials is trying to save Mankind--but they cant get our attention . . . when a man must choose between absolute freedom and total responsibility for the welfare of his people . . . and much, much more!The Best from Galaxy, Volume III is, very simply, the best of the best. Hours of reading pleasure by the finest writers of science fiction: such sf luminaries as Isaac Asimov, Joe Haldeman, Ursula K. LeGuin (her Nebular-winning The Day Before the Revolution), Frederik Pohl, R.A. Lafferty, Robert Sheckley and many more are represented here with their finest works.The Day Before the Revolution • Ursula K. LeGuinThe Private War of Pvt. Jacob • Joe HaldemanPassages • Joanna RussSweet Sister, Green Brother • Sydney J. Van ScyocRivers of Damascus • R.A. LaffertyThe Glitch • James Blish and L. Jerome StantonAnswer Came There None • James WhiteThe Splendid Freedom • Arsen DarnayEnd City • Robert SheckleyOpening Problem • J.A. LawrenceThe Gift of Garigolli • Frederik Pohl and C.M. KornbluthIs There Hope for the Future? • Isaac Asimov